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Photo of Students and placards at a POLIR event

When is it time to break the rules?

Our recent panel event discussed power and protest. Can a healthy democracy exist without protest?

London Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest from Vauxhall to Westminster.
Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona.

Riot Days

Iconic Russian Art-Activists Pussy Riot came to campus to give us a Masterclass in Activism

Model Nato participants

Disaster Simulation Zone

Sara Sulaj was one of three students representing Kent at this year's BISA Model Nato.

Your student experience

Here’s your chance to delve into some of the most important debates of our time, from the peacekeeping role of the United Nations to the recent rise of the political right.

Photo of the Kent Talk panel in the Gulbenkian

The Ethics of Rebellion

We take questions from a live studio audience and discuss whether resistance can be justified.

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