Emeritus Professor Richard Sakwa

Emeritus Professor of Russian and European Politics
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Emeritus Professor Richard Sakwa


Professor Sakwa joined the School in 1987, was promoted to a professorship in 1996 and was Head of School between 2001 and 2007, and in 2010 he once again took over as Head of School until 2014. While completing his doctorate on Moscow politics during the Civil War (1918-21) he spent a year on a British Council scholarship at Moscow State University (1979-80), and then worked for two years in Moscow in the 'Mir' Science and Technology Publishing House. Before moving to Kent he lectured at the University of Essex and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Prof. Sakwa is an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at  Chatham House, a Senior Research Fellow at the National Research University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Honorary Professor, Faculty of Political Science, Moscow State University, and since September 2002 a member of Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences.   

Research interests

  • Political developments in Russia
  • International politics and the Second Cold War
  • Nature of postcommunist political order and prospects for socialism
  • Global challenges facing the former communist countries
  • Problems of European and global order

Current projects

  • Book on Deception: Russiagate and the New Cold War    
  • Book: The Lost Peace: The Second Cold War and the Making of a New Global Conflict (contracted to Yale University Press)
  • Book on The Future of Socialism    




Current research students

  • Shwan Azeez - The Role of Natural Resources in the Development of Sovereignty: The Case of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Oleksiy Bondarenko -Regional Politics in Sverdlovsk: A Case Study Federal Bargaining and Regionalism in Post-Communist Russia
  • Huawei Zheng - The Eurasian Economic Union as an Order-Making Actor in the Post-Soviet Space: Exploring the Actorness-Order Nexus
  • Morvan Lallouet - Being a Liberal in Contemporary Russia: The Case of Alexei Navalny
  • Camille-Renaud Merlen -Russia and the post-sovereign world
  • Zach Paikin - Liberal Order in Crsisis? Post-Cold War Russia and the Evolution of International Society
  • Marwa Wasfy - NATO Heading South? The Transatlantic Security Community after the Arab Spring
  • Ronald Long Ki Yeung - The change of Strategic Culture of Taiwan: A Content Analysis
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