Re-launch our Political Bites podcast with a deep dive into Cyberterrorism.

Dr Gareth Mott features in the first edition of the re-launched 'Political Bites' podcast!

The School of Politics and International Relations re-launches its Political Bites podcasts! Originally launched in 2020, the podcast features our world leading experts discussing areas of research that are exciting them at the moment, and it’s back!

The new series of Political Bites is curated by two of the School’s PhD students, Ramsha Ashraf and Sushila Pandit. In this first episode of the new series, Dr Gareth Mott discusses the nature of cyberterrorism, how and when it occurs and what can be done to prevent it.

Head over to Spotify, or Buzzsprout to revisit old episodes and listen to episode number one of the re-launch with Gareth.

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