The EU since the War in Ukraine: Global Europe Centre Workshop

The Global Europe Centre recently held a workshop with experts on how the EU's identity has shifted since the invasion of Ukraine last year.

On 23 January 2023, the Global Europe Centre (GEC) organised an expert workshop on the theme ‘The EU since the War in Ukraine: Still a Normative Power?’. The workshop brought together around 15 experts to discuss how the EU’s identity as a security actor and norm promoter has changed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The GEC co-organised the workshop with Dr Kamil Zwolski of the University of Southampton. Introductory and concluding statements were made by Richard Youngs (Carnegie / University of Warwick), Richard Whitman (GEC / University of Kent) and Vsevolod Samokhvalov (College of Europe / University of Liège).

The Global Europe Centre (GEC) is the University of Kent’s research centre dealing with Europe and the challenges it faces in a rapidly changing world. It is a centre of interdisciplinary research focusing both on the EU and its member states and on Europe as a whole.

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