Macron as the New Right?

Dr Charles Devellennes explains why President Macron is the representative of the New Right on the Popular Show podcast.

On The Popular Show podcast, Dr Charles Devellennes discusses how recent developments in French politics align with his analysis of Macron’s first term in office in his most recent publication.

He describes why Macron can be understood as the representative of the new right, as the fulfilment of neoliberalism in France. This new right is built on a new security regime, which has made the state of emergency permanent, as seen during the Covid-19 pandemic and the gilets jaunes crisis. Macron himself is discussed as a politician of the future, because he combines the technocratic elements of an elite remote from the people, with a populist angle that appeals to a particular public: mostly well-off, older voters who form the core popular support needed by the regime.

Dr Devellennes further deconstructs the ideological foundation of the Macron Régim in his recently published book, ‘The Macron Régime: The Ideology of the New Right in France.’  

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