Dr Samuel D. Taylor

Lecturer in Philosophy


Dr Samuel D. Taylor joined the University of Kent in 2020, having previously held a teaching and research position at the University of Düsseldorf and having spent time as a visiting researcher at Rutgers University and the University of Antwerp.

He defended his PhD summa cum laude in 2019 with a thesis entitled “Concepts and the Appeal to Cognitive Science” (forthcoming with De Gruyter).

Research interests

Samuel is interested by the nature of cognitive scientific explanation and the relation between such explanations and theories of mental structure and content.

He has also worked on topics in the philosophy of education and on developing Bayesian models of cognitive competences. Sam will be working with Professor Jon Williamson and Dr Yafeng Shan on the Leverhulme project 'Evidential Pluralism in the Social Sciences' (2019-2022).

Selected publications


Taylor, S. D. (2020) Concepts and the Appeal to Cognitive Science. De Gruyter.

Peer-reviewed articles

Taylor, S. D (2020) Concepts as a Working Hypothesis. Philosophical Psychology (Revise and Resubmit).

Taylor, S. D. (2019). Two Kinds of Explanatory Integration in Cognitive Science. Synthese. doi: 10.1007/s11229-019-02357-9.

Taylor, S. D. and Vosgerau, G. (2019). The Explanatory Role of Concepts. Erkenntnis. doi: 10.1007/s10670-019-00143-0.

Taylor, S. D. and Sutton, P. (2018). A Frame-Theoretic Model of Bayesian Category Learning. In S. Löbner, T. Gamerschlag, T. Kalenscher, M. Schrenk & H. Zeevat (eds.), Cognitive Structures: Linguistic, Philosophical, and Psychological Perspectives, Dordrecht: Springer.

Taylor, S. D., Noorloos, R., and Bakker, A. (2017). Mastering as an Inferentialist Alternative to the Acquisition and Participation Metaphors for Learning. Journal of Philosophy of Education. doi: 10.1111/1467-9752.12264.

Noorloos, R., Taylor, S. D., Bakker, A., & Derry, J. (2017). Inferentialism as an Alternative to Socioconstructivism in Mathematics Education. Mathematics Education Research Journal. doi: 10.1007/s13394-017-0189-3

Noorloos, R., Taylor, S. D., and Bakker, A. (2014). An Inferentialist Alternative to Constructivism in Mathematics Education. In Liljedahl, P., Oesterle, S., Nicol, D., Allan, D. (Eds), Proceedings of the Joint Meeting 4 – 321 of PME 38 and PME-NA 36, Vol. 4 (Vancouver: PME), pp. 321 -328.


Samuel teaches mainly in contemporary analytic philosophy, with a focus on the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science. 

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