Professor Nick Grief

Dean for Medway


Academic career

Nick Grief is Dean for the Medway campus and a Professor in Kent Law School.

Research Interests

Nick's research interests include

  • Public international law, especially the legal status of nuclear weapons, air and space law and the domestic implications of international law
  • Human rights, especially the right to protest, conscientious objection to the payment of taxes for military purposes and the use of international law by protesters in UK courts 
  • EU law, especially the protection of human rights under EU law and the domestic implications thereof 
  • Aviation law, especially international carriage by air

Some examples of Nick's media appearances are here.


Nick teaches Public International Law and EU Law


Nick is happy to supervise in the following areas:

  • Public international law, especially international humanitarian law, international criminal law, air and space law
  • Human rights, especially the right to protest and conscientious objection to the payment of taxes for military purposes
  • EU law, especially the protection of fundamental rights
  • Aviation law, especially international carriage by air


Professional practice

  • Nick practises at the Bar from Doughty Street Chambers, London (
  • He is a member of the legal team representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands in its Applications before the International Court of Justice against the nine nuclear-armed States for violating their nuclear disarmament obligations - the Applications were filed at the ICJ on 24 April 2014.
  • Other notable cases in which Nick has appeared as counsel include R v Jones and others; Ayliffe and others v DPP; Swain v DPP [2006] UKHL 16 (on whether the crime of aggression was capable of being a crime in domestic law) and A and others v Secretary of State for the Home Department (No 2) [2005] UKHL 71 (on the admissibility of evidence procured by torture of a third party by foreign agents).
  • Nick has also been instructed as an expert witness on public international law and EU law

Editorial Work

Nick is on the editorial board of The International Journal of Human Rights (Routledge).

Professional Societies

  • The British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • The Society of Legal Scholars

External Appointments

  • Member of the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, USA
  • Nick has produced a European law module for new judges as part of the Judicial College Orientation Programme.
  • He has also delivered EU law training for the Financial Conduct Authority, the Government Legal Service, GLS Scotland, the Legal Services Department of the Welsh Government and the Legal Services Directorate of the National Assembly for Wales; and human rights training for the Sovereign Base Areas Administration, Cyprus.


Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository


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  • Grief, N. (2006). The exclusion of foreign torture evidence: a qualified victory for the rule of law. European Human Rights Law Review.

Book section

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  • Mezhi Mejbel Mezhi Bathal Alrashedi, A. (2017). In the Context of Both International Law and the Application of Islamic Sharia Law, How Effective Have Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Legal System Been in Addressing, Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking?.
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