Centre for the Global Study of Empire launches with special guest event

Gary Hughes
Picture by Kristina Gadeikyte

The University’s new Centre for the Global Study of Empire launched on 3 October with special guest keynotes by Professor Richard Overy and Professor Vivek Chibber. Between them they addressed the connections between war, capitalism and imperialism, with specific reference to the imperial origins and nature of WWII. More than 200 people attended this inaugural event.

The Centre for the Global Study of Empire is an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual centre that aims to promote research and public engagement in the areas of colonialism, post-colonialism, and imperial studies from across the world. It consolidates the work of Kent’s Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies in the School of English and the Centre for the History of Colonialisms in the School of History. Both Centres have long been at the forefront of teaching and researching colonial and post-colonial questions in their respective disciplines and both have a strong global expertise in relevant non-Western regions across the world (e.g., Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East).

Housed in the Division of Arts and Humanities, the Centre’s membership spans a number of disciplines across the University, including Classics, English, History, Law, and Hispanic Studies, with additional contributions from Politics, Sociology, and Economics.

Dr Bashir Abu-Manneh, Co-Director of the new Centre and Head of the School of English, said: ‘We were honoured to have professors Overy and Chibber join us for such an important discussion. Their expertise and insights made for an engaging and memorable event, as well as a vital contribution to what has become a crucial contemporary issue.’

The launch was co-sponsored by the University’s Centre for the History of War, Media, and Society.