"Clearing was meant to be"

Katherine Moss

Tanzila Zaman studied Accounting and Finance and gained her place at Kent Business School through clearing. The final year student has just been offered a sought-after role at Deloitte.  

‘Back in 2020, when I was applying for University, I set my sights on Kent Law School. The school is on Kent’s picturesque Canterbury campus and scored highly in the league tables.  

‘On results day, I had that sinking feeling. Having opened my email, I just hadn’t made the grade. I felt heartbroken, quickly followed by a sense of panic – what was I going to do next?  

‘The University, however, were on hand for me. They helped guide me towards a course that matched my strengths. I love maths and have always found it fun and easy, so I started looking at BSc Accounting and Finance. It was on the same campus, in a beautiful new building and each module looked really interesting.  

‘The staff were always there when I needed them. Academically, my tutors were inspiring and with their expertise in the field, really injected life into all of our learnings. But aside from that, they were helpful, always keeping us up to date and offering support with our studies.  

‘As I developed through the course, Kent instilled in me much more than a simple passion for numbers. I learned how to write essays perfectly, how to present data, how to think critically and analytically and how to use many new systems and processes essential in business.  

‘I’ve also worked in outreach and as a student ambassador for the university, which gave me a helpful taste of the operational side of the university and extra presentational and communications skills. 

‘It’s bittersweet to look back as I’ve finally come to the end of my time at Kent. I can honestly say I’ve made the most of every opportunity that has come my way.  I genuinely look back at the experience of clearing and feel that it was all meant to be. 

‘I am thrilled to soon be starting a graduate tax consultant role at Deloitte where I hope I can take all of what I have learnt in my degree and apply it practically in a really exciting environment. I genuinely look back at the experience of clearing, and feel that it was all meant to be.’