University experts and Kent Messenger explore the ‘historic path not taken’

Sam Wood
The 'What If' series will flip Kent's history for readers.

The University is working with the KM Media Group on a series of articles addressing counter-history questions such as ‘What if Archbishop Thomas Becket of Canterbury hadn’t been murdered?’

The breadth of topics in the ‘What If?’ series will highlight the great variety and relevance of the county of Kent in the nation’s history as well as exploring what might have been for the county if certain events had not happened, or outcomes might have been altogether different.

The Thomas Becket article was written by Dr Emily Guerry, Senior Lecturer in Medieval European History at the University’s School of History and organiser of a major three-day virtual conference (28-30 April) on the life and times of the murdered Archbishop.

Future articles will feature experts from Economics, Politics and International Relations, and Classical and Archaeological Studies.

Matt Ramsden, the KM Editor behind the series, said: ‘It’s been a fascinating experience working with the University’s press office and academics on this project. Looking at the historic path not taken is a really interesting way of presenting history – one that has received incredibly positive feedback from our readers. It’s been so rewarding teaming up with the University in presenting journalism which genuinely makes people think.’

What if Archbishop Thomas Becket of Canterbury hadn’t been murdered?’ is the first in the series, with more articles coming soon.