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Research students

Student Supervisor(s) Thesis Title
Renu Abraham Professor Bernhard Klein Indian Perspectives on Early Modern Maritime Portuguese Encounters with Kerala
Roisin Astell Dr Emily Guerry From Corporeal to Anagogical vision: imagining the spiritual journey in 13th and 14th century art
Anne le Baigue Professor Kenneth Fincham, Dr Andrew Foster Religious change and continuity in the diocese of Canterbury 1559-1625
Somnath Basu Professor James Carley Early Modern Religious Prose Pamphlets: 1558-1588
Irene Beck Dr Amy Blakeway A Study of Scottish Intelligence Networks, between 1513-1560
Liam Benison Professor Bernhard Klein Antipodism in Early Modern European Narrative Possession of Terra Australis
Bonisha Bhattacharyya Professor Bernhard Klein Revisualising Early Modern European Travel Narratives in seventeenth-century India
Lottie Brouwer Dr Jan Loop The Polemical Use of Oriental Studies in Post-Reformation Confessional Conflicts
Katherine Byrne Dr David Grummitt, Professor Catherine Richardson The Memory of Rebellion in Early Modern Kent
Lindsey Cox Professor Catherine Richardson, Dr Ben Thomas 'A kind of gentill painting': Portrait Miniatures and the Constructions of Social Status in Early Modern Britain
Diviya Professor Donna Landry The Language Question and Rhetorical Selfhood in English and Indian Early Modernity
Lucy Deakin Professor Bernhard Klein, Dr Suzanna Ivanic Early Modern English Witchcraft in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Evana Downes Professor Catherine Richardson Balancing the urban ‘stomach’: the impact of regulation on London’s food vendors, 1558-1688.
Lindsey Drury Dr Freya Vass-Rhee Of Esther and Ethereal Moments: A History of Psychosomatics from Early Modern Dance and Medicine
Haifa Fersi Professor Catherine Richardson Marginal Communities in England and Spain
Hope Frew-Costa Professor Catherine Richardson Printing Polemic: An Examination of the Prose Polemic of Andrew Marvell
Johan Sebastian Garcia Zaldua Dr William Pettigrew When Worlds Collide: European-Indigenous Metallurgies During the Contact and Early Colonial Period of America (1450-1600)
Stefania Gargioni Dr David Potter The Diffusion of Political and Religious Propaganda during the Wars of Religion in France (1560-1576)
Daniella Gonzalez Dr Ryan Perry, Dr Amy Blakeway From common profit to commonweal/th: the development of political theory and culture in the late medieval polity
Jon-Mark Grussenmeyer Professor Kenneth Fincham, Dr David Grummitt, Dr Sarah James Cardinal Kemp: The Last Lancastrian Statesman
Cassandra Harrington Dr Emily Guerry 'The Green Man': A Corrective of Foliate Head Imagery in the Margins of Gothic Visual Culture
Anna Hegland (Student Rep) Dr Sarah Dustagheer & Professor Catherine Richardson Weaponized Words: The Rhetoric of Violence in Jacobean Revenge Drama
Sarath Chandra Jakka Dr Rosanna Cox Colonial Imaginaries in the Utopias of Early Modern England
Djamila Kadi Professor Bernhard Klein Barbary Captivity Narratives
Sophie Kelly Dr Ryan Perry, Dr Alixe Bovey, Dr Emily Guerry Imagining the Unimaginable: The Representation of the Trinity c. 1200-1350
Vidya Kesavan Professor Marion O'Connor Nuclear Shakespeare: Modernity and Technology from Early Modern Europe to the Global(ised) Nuclear Age
Alexandra Kocsis Dr Ben Thomas The Reflation of Texts and Images in Early Modern Reproductive Prints
Noelle Lang Dr Ryan Perry Sex, Sin and Disintegration: The Problems of Incest in Malory's Le Morte Darthur
Daniel Lange Professor Bernhard Klein 'Writing Pirates' - British Buccaneers and Their Travel Narratives, 1679-1699
Avril Leach Professor Catherine Richardson, Professor Kenneth Fincham Expressing Identity and Power: Civic Culture in Early Modern Kent
Hannah Lilley Professor Catherine Richardson, Dr Richard Guest Material Texts in Early Modern England: Manuscripts, Objects and Middling Identities 1560-1640
YiChun Liu Professor Bernhard Klein Utopian Writing in East and West
Shelly Lorts Dr Sarah Dustagheer Gender, Anxiety, and the Female Body: medicine in practice on the early modern stage
Rhiannon Maskell Dr Sarah James Role of Leprosy in Late Medieval Culture
Philippa Mesiano Professor Barbara Bombi, Dr Emily Guerry Anglo-Papal Relations between Pope Alexander IV and King Henry III
Satami Mihara Professor Bernhard Klein The Metamorphosis of the Traveller in Shakespeare’s Mediterranean Drama
Celia Mill Dr Ryan Perry, Dr Sarah James Predestination and Spiritual Despair: The Transition of English Perspectives on Salvation
Graeme Millen Dr Amy Blakeway Auld Alliances: loyalties and motivations of Scottish Regiments in French and Dutch service 1660-1697
Pietro Mocchi Professor Barbara Bombi The De preeminentia spiritualis imperii (1329) by Opicino de Canistris and his early political views
Angana Moitra Professor Catherine Richardson The Evolution and Transformation of the Faerie King from Medieval Romance to Early Modern Drama
Stuart Morrison Professor Catherine Richardson, Professor Kenneth Fincham Writing religion in early modern London: Ephraim Pagitt and the typography of faith
Jack Newman Dr Phil Slavin Corrupt Officials and Deprived Peasants: Government Malfeasance in Pre-Black Death England
Christine Oakland Professor Barbara Bombi, Dr Ryan Perry Objects of Devotion or Material Commodities? The Use and Abuse of Relics in England and France in the High Middle Ages
Rebecca Pope Dr Ryan Perry Articulating The Awntyrs off Arthure:a cultural mapping of Arthurian romance in English manuscripts of the fifteenth century
Saksham Sharda Professor Bernhard Klein Shakespeare's Bollywood and Bollywood's Shakespeare. The Mechanics of Self-Fashioning in the Post-Colonial Space
Daniel Smith Dr Ryan Perry, Dr Emily Guerry Not All Doom and Gloom: The Multiple Dimensions of Doomsday in English Vernacular Literature, c. 1300-1500
Noah Smith Dr Emily Guerry Images of Conflict: Visual and Written Accounts of the Franco-Flemish War (1297-1305)
Richard Smith Dr Jan Loop Converted Jews and the 'Ethnographic' Approach to Writings on Judaism in 16th-century Germany
Han Tame Dr Emily Guerry The topic of fear in medieval art, particularly in Gothic sculpture between 1120-1300.
Emily Teo Professor Bernhard Klein Identifying Global Connectedness through European and Chinese Travel Accounts (1580-1630)
Katherine Toussaint-Jackson Dr Emily Guerry Questions of Faith: Saint Faith and her wall painting at Westminster Abbey.
Anna Turnham Dr Amy Blakeway Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, 1560-1587
Angela Websdale Dr Emily Guerry Uncovering the Lost Programme of Gothic Paintings at St Mary's Church, Faversham
Jack Wilcox Dr Emily Guerry The Crown of Gothic: the Balance between Stone and Glass in the Corona Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral

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