Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies


Academic staff

Staff Member Title Email
Paul Bennett Director of The Canterbury Archaeological Trust paul.bennett@canterburytrust.co.uk
Professor Barbara Bombi Professor of Medieval History B.Bombi@kent.ac.uk
Professor Peter Brown Professor of Medieval English Literature P.Brown@kent.ac.uk
Professor James Carley Professor of The History of the Book J.P.Carley@kent.ac.uk
Dr Rosanna Cox Lecturer in Early Modern Studies R.Cox@kent.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Dustagheer Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature S.Dustagheer-463@kent.ac.uk
Professor Kenneth Fincham Professor of Early Modern History K.C.Fincham@kent.ac.uk
Dr Robert Gallagher Lecturer in Medieval History c.500-1200 R.D.Gallagher@kent.ac.uk
Dr Emily Guerry Senior Lecturer in Medieval Visual Culture E.Guerry@kent.ac.uk
Professor Tom Henry Professor of History of Art T.F.K.Henry@kent.ac.uk
Dr Rebekah Higgitt Senior Lecturer in History R.Higgitt@kent.ac.uk
Dr Suzanna Ivanic Lecturer in Early Modern History S.Ivanic@kent.ac.uk
Dr Sarah James Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature S.James@kent.ac.uk
Dr Leonie James Lecturer in Early Modern History L.S.James@kent.ac.uk
Dr Nikolaos Karydis Senior Lecturer in Architecture N.Karydis@kent.ac.uk
Professor Bernhard Klein Professor of English Literature; Coordinator of TEEME B.Klein@kent.ac.uk
Dr Luke Lavan Lecturer in Classical and Archaeological Studies L.A.Lavan@kent.ac.uk
Dr Jan Loop Senior Lecturer in Intellectual, Religious & Cultural History of Europe and the Near East J.Loop@kent.ac.uk
Dr Rory Loughnane Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature and Drama R.Loughnane@kent.ac.uk
Dr Marion O'Connor Reader Emerita mfo@kent.ac.uk
Professor David Ormrod Emeritus Professor D.J.Ormrod@kent.ac.uk
Dr Ryan Perry Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature, Co-Director of MEMS R.Perry@kent.ac.uk
Dr David Potter Emeritus Reader D.L.Potter@kent.ac.uk
Professor Catherine Richardson Professor of Early Modern Studies C.T.Richardson@kent.ac.uk
Dr Edward Roberts Lecturer in Early Medieval History E.C.Roberts@kent.ac.uk
Dr David Rundle Lecturer in Latin & Manuscript Studies D.G.Rundle@kent.ac.uk
Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh Associate Lecturer in Medieval and Early Modern Studies S.M.Sweetinburgh@kent.ac.uk
Dr Ben Thomas Reader in Art History B.D.H.Thomas@kent.ac.uk
Dr John Williams Honorary Research Fellow jhwms@btinternet.com
Dr Clare Wright Lecturer in Medieval Literature C.Wright-468@kent.ac.uk

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