Dr Steffen Krusch

Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics,
PGR Lead
+44 (0)1227 827675
Dr Steffen Krusch


Steffen Krusch is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and is the School's Director of Graduate Studies - Research. He chairs the School's Graduate Studies Committee and is the Kent representative on the management committee for the London Taught Course Centre (LTCC).

Research interests

Steffen is a mathematical physicist who is interested in topological solitons. Solitons are stable, smooth, finite energy solutions of differential equations which behave like extended particles. The number of particles is a topological invariant, that is, it cannot be changed by continuous deformations.

Solitons have many applications in physics and are widely studied in mathematics. Steffen is particularly interested in the Skyrme model which models the strong interaction. When the solitons in this model (Skyrmions) are quantized they describe atomic nuclei. Steffen has found a useful formula to calculate admissable spin states. and is currently pursuing an interest in vibrational quantization.

Another important type of topological soliton are vortices in superconductors. The dynamics of vortices can be captured by geodesic motion on the space of static solutions. Steffen is interested in how magnetic impurities affect the motion of vortices.

Steffen recently hosted Dr Dave Foster and Dr Mareike Haberichter to work with him on the EPSRC First Grant Skyrmion-Skyrmion Scattering and Nuclear Physics (EP/I034491/1).


Future PhD students: Steffen is interested in supervising PhD students in the area of topological solitons – for more details refer to his research interests. The next possible start date would be September 2021. Feel free to email him if you are interested. 

Current/recent PhD students: 

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