Dr Ian Wood

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics,
Programme Lead for the MMath programme
+44 (0)1227 823649
Dr Ian Wood


Ian received his PhD in applied analysis from TU Darmstadt in Germany. Following a postdoc position in Cardiff and a lecturer position in Aberystwyth, he has been at Kent since 2009. 

Research interests

IIan's research focuses on the theory of operators in Hilbert space with a particular focus on spectral problems for PDEs and ODEs. Current and recent projects involve:

  • spectral properties of non-self adjoint operators via boundary triples and M-functions (generalised Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps) 
  • development of a functional model for maximally dissipative operators, 
  • extension theory for dissipative operators, 
  • determination of the essential spectrum of dissipative Maxwell operators, 
  • spectral properties of waveguides in periodic structures and interface problems, 
  • extension theory and spectral properties of Jacobi operators.


MAST4005 Linear Mathematics 

MAST5013 Real Analysis 2 

Final year undergraduate project modules in Mathematics and Statistics  


Ian has supervised PhD projects on topics ranging from abstract extension theory of operators to spectral properties of specific difference operators (Jacobi operators). Students wishing to pursue a PhD in the area of operator and spectral theory are encouraged to contact Ian.

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