Professor Elizabeth Mansfield

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Professor Elizabeth Mansfield


Co-organiser of the Isaac Newton Institute Programme in Geometry, Compatibility and Structure Preservation in computational differential equations.

Co-organiser of the joint IMA-LMS meeting to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Emmy Noether’s paper on conservation laws, September, 2018.

Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kent since 2005; the first ever female professor in mathematics at Kent.

PhD University of Sydney, 1992.

Research interests

Lie groups, their actions and applications. Moving frames.

Noether’s Theorem, both smooth and discrete. Poisson structures, Lie algebroids.

One major line of research has been inducing Lie group actions on functional approximation spaces in order to create discrete analogues of Noether’s laws, in order to incorporate, in a bone fide way, the physics into the numerical methods.


Recent students have looked at the application of moving frames in a variety of settings: discrete Noether’s Theorem, discrete integrability, and numerical methods involving Lie groups. New projects involve new classes of Poisson structures arising from a Lie group action.
My main collaborators are Gloria Mari Beffa (Madison Wisconsin) and Peter Hydon (Kent).
Think Kent: Mathematics as a conceptual art form


Vice President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 2014-2018.

Member, LMS Committee for Society Lectures and Meetings, to end 2019.

Editorial Board member of the Journal of Foundations of Computational Mathematics.
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee for the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Former member of LMS Council, LMS Programme committee and Editor of the LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics.

Former VP of the ACM SIGSAM

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