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British Theatre 1860-1940:
Spring Term 2011

Three creative presentations form a student curated exhibition in the Special Collections reading room from 6 April to 9 May 2011. The three groups of drama students used original archival materials from Special Collections to research and explore a topic of their own choosing within the period of 1860 to 1940.

In addition, the students created websites, which provide a permanent and in-depth version of their original exhibitions.

Each of the three groups chose a different topic to research and displayed their findings and arguments in three eye-catching and informative exhibitions, as well as three engaging websites.

For links to the websites and a brief summary of each group's work, have a look at the tabs below.

Exhibition launch

The exhibition launch took place during the afternoon of 6 April 2011 with a record number of guests and well wishers. Over drinks and nibbles, the seventeen students of the module introduced their work and explained why they had chosen their particular topic. With the formalities over, the students talked to staff and guests (including some of the students from last semester's module) about their work and their discoveries.

Exhibition launch Helen Brooks, John Sotillo and Nick Hiley at the launch

Examining the diorama


From the Exhibition Comments book

The enthusiasm of the students really came across in their presentations and exhibitions.

Absolutely fantastic! The exhibitions were beautifully laid out and really interesting.

Students showed passion and enthusiasm...a lovely atmosphere...

Very impressive exhibitions! Well presented and interesting too.

Melodrama 'loved the sound of its own voice' made me chuckle... Fabulous effort that has given me real inspiration for my teaching next year.

Exhibition launch Alison Coghlan, Gill Woodhams and Karen Brayshaw at the launch

Students discuss their work





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