Generation television series

The 'Generation' Series

Sharing the voices of young people in the UK

The 'Generation' series aims to discuss and understand issues centred around young people. The series is aimed at audiences aged 11 to 15-years-old and is supported by ITVX, the British Film Institute (BFI) and the University of Kent.

Generation Why

This series takes us on a journey all around the UK to find out about religion, faith and spirituality. 

We ask young people and experts questions about who we are and how society has been changed by different beliefs.

We speak to witches, paranormal investigators, religious leaders and researchers about topics like mental health, animals, dreams and so much more. 

Generation Genome

This series explores the world of genetics through the eyes of young people and world leading research, looking into topics such as genetically modified food, dinosaurs, and genetic diseases.

We speak to those living with genetic conditions, farmers, fossil hunters and lots more people who share their stories with us.

All episodes are streaming on ITVX now!

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