Portrait of Angela Harrison

Angela Harrison

Lecturer in Reporting and Writing


Angela is an experienced multi-media journalist and former education and social affairs correspondent for BBC News.  She has worked in news for more than 25 years as a reporter, online journalist, and writer and editor of national radio news bulletins.

She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in geography before taking a diploma in journalism at University College, Cardiff. Her first job was as a reporter on a London weekly newspaper, The Ealing Gazette, where she covered crime, councils and the courts, as well as other local news.  

Joining the BBC as a news trainee, Angela went on to report for local radio and TV, as well as Radio One’s Newsbeat and BBC Westminster.  She then joined the Radio Newsroom, working on national summaries and bulletins, including Radio Four’s half-hour Six o’ Clock News and the news bulletins for the Today programme.  She was part of the launch team for BBC Radio Five Live, producing and editing programmes and bulletins and occasionally reading the news; she also worked as a producer on national TV bulletins.

Angela joined the BBC News website in its early days and as a senior journalist and then correspondent, covered education plus other issues affecting children and young people, such as mental health, adoption, online safety and child abuse.  She appeared regularly on TV and radio, reporting on these topics.

Angela has also worked freelance as a media consultant and online journalist, including reporting for the BBC Politics Live Page on the general elections and the Brexit referendum.

Research interests

  • Journalism ethics
  • The language of news
  • News values
  • Gender and diversity
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