How to apply

How to apply

Find out what you need to apply for our pathway programmes and what to expect after you have submitted your application. 

Applying with us is easy. You can apply using our online application form. To start your application, you will need the following:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A copy of your original qualification certificate and transcripts
  • A personal statement
  • Any current and previous visas
  • CAS and copies of exit stamp
  • Evidence of English language proficiency at the required level
  • What happens after you submit your application?

Timeline panel


Stage 1: Check qualifications

We will carefully review your application and check if your academic qualifications and level of English language are suitable for entry to the chosen course.


Stage 2: Issue conditional offer

Assuming the application is successful; we will send you a formal offer of a place.


Stage 3: Acceptance offer

Once you’ve met all the conditions outlined in your Conditional Offer we will send you an Unconditional Offer.


Stage 4: Submit deposit

To accept a place on the course, you will need to make a deposit to confirm your offer. The amount of your deposit will be confirmed in the Offer Letter.


Stage 5: CAS issued

Upon receipt of the deposit we will request your pre-CAS documents. Once the pre-CAS documents have been received, we will issue you a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number.


Stage 6: Apply for visa

You will then need to apply for a visa if necessary.


Stage 7: Final payment

Advance payment of remaining fees will be required prior to arrival.


Stage 8: Accommodation

Once you have chosen UK IC as your firm choice, you’ll receive an invite to book your room and we will provide you with all the necessary details.


Stage 9: Pre-arrival

Before your course starts we'll send details of how to register and a welcome pack. Our Pre-Arrival Advisors will call you after you’ve received your CAS letter. They'll use the mobile number from your application so tell us if it's changed.


Stage 10: Welcome to the UK!

We will also ask for details of your flight to the UK. We can arrange for a taxi transfer upon arrival.