Fees and scholarships

Fees and scholarships

2023/24 course fees and scholarships

Outlined below are the fees and scholarships for UK IC. If you need more information, please contact us at pathways@oxfordinternational.com

Course fees

International Foundation Programme - £17,995

International Year Zero - £17,995

International Incorporated Master’s

One term - £6,250

Two term - £12,500

Oxford International pathway scholarship


OIEG offers undergraduate pathway scholarships up to £6,000 off tuition to both our International Foundation Programme and International Year Zero pathway.


OIEG offers postgraduate pathway scholarships up to £1,000 off tuition to our International Incorporated Master’s

Progression scholarships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

16% progression scholarships per year available for students moving into a degree from all our pathway routes. These are available for students from all countries and are automatic on application.