IS services and structure

Information Services (IS) provide IT and library services for all students, staff and visitors that help everyone connect, create and communicate at Kent.

IS Senior Management

Trevor Pereira

  • Director of Commercial and Facilities Management
  • Acting Director, Information Services

Bonnie Ferguson

  • Deputy Director, Information Services

Paul Sinnock

  • Deputy Director, Information Services

Business Development and Partnerships

  • Ensuring that Information Services is run efficiently and effectively, with a strong co-ordination and planning function that oversees financial management and strategy development for the department.
  • Developing operational frameworks to promote quality, consistency, legitimacy and standardisation across the department and, where appropriate, within and across divisions.
  • Promoting and propagating good practice and identifying opportunities for piloting and scaling innovative approaches.
  • Through use of data and behavioural insights, supporting the department to continually develop expertise, services and products that positively impact the University’s ability to deliver on its strategic goals.

Embedded IT and Technical Services

  • The Embedded IT and Technical Services team works in partnership with IT professionals based in Academic Divisions and Professional Service Departments to deliver high-quality IT and AV support to meet the operational needs of students and staff.
  • Through this collaboration, we effectively manage IT and AV equipment and deliver high-quality specialist technical services. We identify and analyse emerging and shared IT requirements and work with central teams to respond to them in a timely manner to enhance teaching and research.
  • We provide IT and AV consultancy services to support the University in procuring secure and accessible systems that enhance productivity.
  • Our operations are underpinned by a supported devolution framework and shared mission to further the impact of the University through sustainable and efficient technology.

Enterprise Systems

  • We run central business information and operational IT systems that underpin the effective operation of the University.
  • We act as a strategic partner with other University departments to establish holistic approaches to data integration and a common set of data integration capabilities will transform our reporting capabilities and allow us to leverage data in new ways.
  • We manage and maintain the applications portfolio that supports the business and administrative functions of the University, including student data, finance, HR, research, library and web systems.
  • We will provide an integrated approach to learning support systems development, ensuring systems supporting student learning activities administrative corporate systems are well integrated and complementary.

IT Infrastructure

We are responsible for the effective, user-focused provision of core IT infrastructure and related services, and also for monitoring and ensuring data security and threat management across all our systems.

Learning and Research Resources

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives manages the University’s unique and distinctive collections so that they are preserved and accessible for the benefit of teaching, scholarship and society. Informed by the Institutional and Information Services Strategic Plans, Special Collections & Archives provides strategic direction to maximise the use, value and legacy of these collections. Special Collections and Archives are an Accredited Archive Service.

Supporting your research

We can help you from the research funding application stage through to publication and assessing impact.

Open Access

We manage the balance and use of Article Processing Charge funds (APCs); use of our Read and Publish agreements; and statistics about the nature and use of research work in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) and the Kent Data Repository (KDR). 

User experience

  • We situate the user at the heart of our thinking and unlock productivity for staff and students by focusing on the development of personalised, flexible, scalable and relevant services that build digital capacity and capability in an increasingly digital society.
  • Offering streamlined, visible and sustainable user support and transforming the way we prioritise and develop productivity services such as Office365 and PC and mobile desktop.
  • Sustaining a creative and meaningful conversation with our users so that we have a deep understanding of and empathy with all our user communities.
  • We engage, empower and support our user community to benefit from the personalised, flexible, scalable, high quality and relevant services that IS offer.
  • We offer streamlined, visible and sustainable user support and continuously develop our approach to productivity services such as Office365. 
  • We help users to build digital capabilities and skills to excel in the ever-changing digital environment for learning, research and professional activity. 
  • We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment by providing inspiring learning environments for student and staff.
  • We sustain a creative and meaningful conversation with our users and academic divisions so that we have a deep understanding of, and empathy with, all our user communities.
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