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Training Routes for Postgraduate Students




The Graduate School is committed to supporting the career skills development of all postgraduate students at the University of Kent.

Our postgraduates are provided with high-quality teaching, supervision and support from their academic schools. This provision is supplemented by training opportunities coordinated by the Graduate School.

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Graduate School Training Room - Room 321, Cornwallis East (Third floor)


The Graduate School is proud to offer its Global Skills Award (GSA) for Taught Master's students at the University of Kent. The GSA is comprised of a range of lectures on global issues and a series of skills workshops, which have been specifically designed to improve your employability in a competitive job market.

The Researcher Development Programme is designed to equip PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with a full range of skills which will improve their effectiveness as researchers. The RDP aims to ensure that they are not only highly qualified but employable in a variety of careers by the end of their research project. For more details see our handbook.

Kent offers a wide range of advanced training workshops, delivered by Kent’s world class researchers who are drawn from across a range of disciplines. The workshops are not necessarily discipline specific, but instead explore topics that are of interest to researchers  in social, natural and medical sciences, as well as the arts and humanities.



Participants Feedback

"The 2 day retreat was excellent. I am a first year PhD student and I have come away from the retreat with confidence in my ability to focus on writing and work productively. I learnt a lot about my ability to work independently and without distractions. I apply the structure we used for 'productive writing' at the retreat, to my everyday study. More first year students should take advantage of the training!" (Writing Retreat) ~ RDP particpant

"Attending GSA enabled me to learn about different fields of study that are not in line with what am studying or what I have known. It broaden my thinking and I can say that I like at certain things differently now because of the knowledge that I have acquired from the GSA programme" ~ GSA participant

"An excellent trainer and training materials. A comprehensive workshop that includes focus on writing structure and style, as well as practical tips to improve your own written work." (Academic Writing) ~ RDP participant "More than enhancing my knowledge, the GSA lectures have increased my interest in current affairs and global issues. It has also given me a broader perspective on some issues that I hadn't given much thought to before." ~ GSA participant


"I found this a very innovative training session which was extremely valuable.  The trainer was excellent and made the session useful, informative and engaging.  The whiteboard cartoon was brilliant and the perfect aide-memoire for the day, and was just one of the techniques employed which helped me to find a different way of thinking about my studies and how I undertake them.  One of the most useful aspects of the day was the way the trainer enabled us to share our experiences to come to the understanding that we all share common concerns and anxieties.  He showed us many techniques to get the best out of ourselves and our studies and I will be taking these forward." (All in One – for Part Time PhD) ~ RDP participant



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