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Curriculum Internationalisation

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The University of Kent recognises that curriculum internationalisation is an essential component of internationalisation of HE and that the impact of curriculum internationalisation will be more profound if this involves Internationalising learning outcomes, content, teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks.


It is recognised that in order to be successful, the approach taken needs to go beyond isolated optional subjects, experiences and activities for a minority of students and should focus on all students’ learning. Importantly, the process needs to be undertaken in a planned, systematic and sustainable way.


Download the Curriculum Internationalisation Toolkit


Kent's current Curriculum Internationalisation Working Party (CIWP) is comprised of representatives from across the Universities faculties and academically focused Professional Service Departments. The CIWP recognises that it is necessary to:

Curriculum Internationalisation Toolkit
  • keep abreast of literature and existing sector good practice for curriculum internationalisation and available toolkits
  • Identify and share models of existing good practice within Schools and Faculties
  • devise/define a mechansism for internationalising modules, programme specifications and intended learning outcomes
  • outline a framework for a Kent-focused curriculum internationalisation training and support materials

The Think Kent Video below provides an overview of the principles, benefits and challenges of Curriuclum Internationalisation:



The information below showcases a number of examples of curriculum internationalisation in practice:


Sector good practice

Oxford Brookes University

University of Essex

Glasgow Caledonia University

Higher Education Academy

Univeristy of Kent

KU Leuven

La Trobe University

Leeds Beckett University


Nottingham University

Queens Univeristy Belfast

University of Sheffield


Univeristy of Warwick



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