Dr Antonio Lázaro-Reboll

Deputy Director of Division (Planning), Division of Arts and Humanities,
Reader in Hispanic Studies
+44 (0)1227 823205
Dr Antonio Lázaro-Reboll


Dr Antonio Lázaro-Reboll is Reader in Hispanic Studies. Prior to his appointment at the University of Kent in September 2003, he was a Lector in Spanish at the University of Nottingham, where he completed a Master's in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies and a PhD in Hispanic Studies. All of his postgraduate work and academic professional career has developed in the United Kingdom. 

Antonio is also Deputy Head of the School of European Culture and Languages, with responsibility for planning, and a member of the School’s EDI Committee. He is also Co-Director of the Centre for Film and Media Research, which aims to support, produce and disseminate cutting-edge film and media research.

Research interests

Antonio's research interests are in Spanish cultural studies and film studies, especially Spanish popular film, the development of film cultures in Spain (reception, consumption and fandom), and the cross-cultural dialogue between Spain and other world cinemas. 

He has developed a substantive and internationally recognised publication record in the area of Spanish film studies and European horror cinema. He is currently working on the role of Spanish and European film support agencies from an interdisciplinary perspective to examine how the economic and cultural value of film is created and circulated. 

A second area of research interest is his work on Spanish comics cultures and related alternative publications in Spain during two key moments of recent Spanish history, late Francoism and the Transition. Publications related to this project focus on the emergence of the field of Spanish comics in the mid-1960s and early 1970s and the ways in which comics engaged with the ‘here and now’ of the Spanish Transition.   

Antonio's publications include the monograph Spanish Horror Film (Edinburgh University Press, 2013) and two co-edited volumes, Spanish Popular Cinema (Manchester University Press, 2004), and The Films of Jess Franco (Wayne State University Press).

He has supervised PhD projects in the areas of Spanish film studies and cultural studies and welcomes applications from prospective students interested in further study in his areas of interest. Three of his most recent PhD students have been awarded 50th Anniversary and Vice Chancellor’s Research scholarships as part of the Graduate Teaching Assistantship scheme. As a PhD External Examiner, he has been appointed to panels in the UK, Spain and Australia.


Antonio teaches in many different areas of Modern Spanish Studies (art, literature, history and culture) and has developed and delivered research-led teaching in the areas of film and cultural studies. 

Cultural and visual theory are central to much of his research, and give scope for a number of modules and dissertation projects across art, film, history and cultural theory.

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