Additional staff

Academic staff including emeritus staff, honorary staff and visiting staff at the School of Engineering.

Emeritus staff

Name Title Email address
Professor Phillip Davies Emeritus Professor
Professor Farzin Deravi Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering
Professor Mike Fairhurst Emeritus Professor
Professor Ted Parker Emeritus Professor of Radio Communications
Professor Mohammed Sobhy Emeritus Professor of Electronics

Honorary Staff

Name Title Email address
Mr Georgios Arealis Honorary Practitioner
Ms Ania Bobrowicz Honorary Academic
Professor Tao Chen Honorary Professor
Dr Richard Collier Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Arthur Drinkwater Honorary Academic
Professor Steven Gao Honorary Professor of RF/Microwave Engineering
Dr Alessandra Girardi Honorary Researcher  
Professor Nathan Gomes Honorary Professor of Optical Fibre Communications
Mr Steve Kelly Honorary Researcher
Dr Peter Lee Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Matthew Pepper Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Mohamed Sakel Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Professor Sarah Spurgeon Honorary Professor
Dr Inga Stewart Honorary Researcher
Dr Les Walczowski Honorary Academic
Dr Layla Larsen Honorary Academic
Mr Winston Waller Honorary Academic
Professor Jim Wayman Honorary Professor of Biometric Identification Technology

Visiting staff

Name Title Email address
Dr Alexios Louridas Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Dr Anthony Emeakaroha Visiting Researcher
Mr Chao Gu Visiting Researcher
Prof Chuanlong Xu Visiting Professor
Mr Di Kong Visiting Researcher
Dr David Stephensen Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Prof Erol Hepsaydir Visiting Professor
Dr Hong Gu Visiting Academic
Dr Huilin Jiang Visiting Scholar
Dr Kamel Reda Visiting Researcher
Prof Klaus McDonald-Maier Visiting Professor
Ms Karen Saunders Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Mohammed Al Darkazali Visiting Researcher
Dr Moshu Qian Visiting Researcher
Dr Ning Jing Visiting Researcher
Dr Oscar Miguel-Hurtado Visiting Research Fellow
Prof Paul Tasker Visiting Professor
Mr Sumant Gadge Visiting Practioner
Dr Tingting Han Visiting Academic
Dr Tao Wang Visiting Professor
Mr Wei Liu Visiting Researcher
Dr Xiaobo Wang Visiting Scholar
Dr Yan Liu Academic Visitor
Mr Yuedong Liu Visiting Researcher
Miss Yijin Pan Newton International Fellow
Prof Zhongliang Lu Academic Visitor
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