Dr Viktorija Makarovaite

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering,
EDI Lead
+44 (0)1227 823719
Dr Viktorija Makarovaite


I would truly call myself a biomedical engineer with a non-conventional background. I started out my educational career in medicine (I am a medical board-certified medical technologist (MLS generalist (ASCP)). I received my first MSc in medical technology at Rush University in Chicago, which I followed up with my 2nd MSc at the University of Manchester to specialise in medical mycology. I decided to pursue more of the engineering design side of my prior education by attaining a PhD in electronic engineering with a topic of detecting yeast colonisation of voice prosthesis with UHF RFID sensors. I’m currently part of the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) multi-disciplinary team on voice prosthesis management. This work led to the development of a clinical pathway for voice prosthesis management currently implemented by the NHS. Presently, I work closely with NHS personnel and the medical industry on various research topics with a goal to improve patient care. Most of this work involves on-body applications and I specialise in on-body sensor designs and working with lossy environments.

I have worked on various projects prior to my lectureship such as a sensor design to develop a new biofilm sensing tracheotomy tube prototype (NBIC Grant Reference: 002POC19105) as well as assisting on antenna design projects for on-body applications (EP/P027075/1). My research goal is to produce work that has real-life implications and not just theoretical ones. I want my work to improve patient care and that’s why I am interested in implementing ‘smart’ improvements to existing industry devices. This allows for faster integration into patient care.

However, I am not limited to just medical applications. I have other projects in the works to design passive sensors for lossy environments and the food industry as well.

Research interests

Passive UHF/ NFC RFID sensors; microfluidics; on-body applications 


EL614: Biomaterials

EL515: Physiological Measurement

EL516: Biomechanics

EL600: Project

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