Dr Gianluca Marcelli

Head of School,
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
+44 (0)1227 823725
Dr Gianluca Marcelli


Dr Luca Marcelli's main research interest is the mechanics of the red blood cell, for which he has developed a coarse-grained molecular model of the entire cell membrane.
In collaboration with the Institute of Reproduction and Developmental Biology (Imperial College London) Dr Luca undertook also research to understand the regulation of initiation of follicle growth in the mammalian ovary.
More recently, he has worked on medical applications (hardware and software) for rehabilitation (e.g. swallowing disorders, Virtual Reality for wheelchair driving skills training, AI algorithms for image analysis and exoskeleton).

Research interests

Computational models for cell mechanics, cell signalling and financial problems - instrumentation for swallowing rehabilitation


Biomechanics and Biomaterials.

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