Portrait of Dr Bo Li

Dr Bo Li

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


I am a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in University of Kent from 2021. Prior to join University of Kent, I was Senior Research Fellow in the Fluids & Thermal Engineering group at the University of Nottingham since 2017. I have researched on a wide range of theoretical and experimental topics in thermo-fluids problems, such as heat exchanger design, heat transfer enhancement, waste heat recovery, energy storage and integrated propulsion systems. My research focuses on thermal management through experimental and simulation (Ansys Fluent, Comsol and LBM) studies of the fundamentals of phase change cooling and thermal sciences. I have research interests in new energy materials for energy conversion and utilisation, high performance heat transfer components, carbon emission reduction technologies.
As principal investigator, he has attracted several funding towards research from research councils and local industries including States-Grid China, Innovate UK, Dynex Semiconductor UK, European Centre for Power Electronics and FAW China. My fundamental research in thermal management using vapour chamber and ultrathin heat pipe is supported by research councils through awarded by Innovate UK (101328, Co-I-£1.4m), ECPE (PI-£100k) and The Royal Society (IEC\NSFC\181373, PI-£12k), etc.
I am Charted Engineer and member of Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), and the member of UK Fluid Network and the “Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat pumps’’ Group (SIRACH) in the UK Network. I worked as an Editor for “International Heat Transfer Symposium” (2014 and 2016).
I has won several prestigious awards from UoN, EPSRC and China Scholarship Council such as EPSRC Pump Priming Awards, 2010/2011, University Endowed Postgraduate Prize 2012/2013, National Excellent Self-Funded Students Scholarship in 2013/2014, The Bridging the Gaps: Next Generation Feasibility Awards, 2014.etc. 

Research interests

Dr Bo Li carries out wide-ranging research of fluid flow and heat transfer enhancement encountered in engineering research and applications. His current major research interests include turbulent phase change flow in confined geometries or functional surfaces with new energy materials, systematic design and development of efficient cooling techniques for thermal management challenges in electrified powertrain, renewable industries. He also works on innovative heat pipes and thermoelectric (TE) applications.  


  • EL519 - Introduction to Fluid Dynamics (15 credits)
  • EL648 - Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (15 credits)


I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: High-power electronic cooling, thermal storage system, ultra-thin heat pipe design, computational methods for phase changing flows, miniature wearable thermoelectric heat recovery & utilisations. 


Current Research

The Royal Society- International Exchanges Scheme - Cost Share Programme (£12k): Project lead: Advanced manufacturing and performance optimization of ultra-thin micro heat pipes.

Past Research

  1. APC8 project - Innovate UK (£8m ) : Lead Researcher, AceDrive-Advanced Integration and Cooling of Electric Drives.
  2. Low Carbon Vehicle projects sponsored by FAW Group Corporation (£200K, First Automobile Works, Changchun, China). The projects aim to prominently reduce carbon emission from passenger cars by means of converting exhaust waste into useful electricity.
  3. Innovate UK project (£200k, Lead researcher): Intelligent and Efficient Thermal Managed Power for Low Carbon Vehicles. New power electronic cooling methods were explored which related to phase-change cooling and high-performance vapour chamber. 
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