Our Support for Ukraine

As we continue to view the unfolding events in Ukraine with horror, our thoughts go out to the many bereaved and wounded, those suffering bombardment, homelessness and the destruction of their lives in the region. We express our solidarity with Ukrainian students and colleagues, along with all of those affected by the invasion, hoping that peace can be restored as quickly as possible.

Historic twinning agreement

We have signed a twinning agreement with Kherson State University (KSU) in southern Ukraine to support an institution deeply impacted by the ongoing war.

The reciprocal agreement was completed on Tuesday 28 June 2022 – on Ukrainian Constitution Day – as part of the UK government-backed Universities UK (UUK) twinning initiative which has now seen more than 70 UK universities enter into similar twinning arrangements with Ukrainian universities.

Support for students

We have launched a fundraising campaign through the Kent Refuge Fund to support Ukrainian students and all those affected by the impact of wars across the world. 

We are also working with our students and Kent Union to organise and promote a range of fundraising activities.

Support for academics

We have increased our contribution to the Council for At Risk Academics (CARA). With CARA reporting that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “having a devastating effect on millions of innocent people… among them, many university academics and their families,” this increased funding on the part of the University will directly help the organisation to provide opportunities to more Ukrainian academics and their families who are at risk in the current conflict.

We have identified several staff and students from Ukraine and Russia and have taken immediate steps to support these individuals. 

How you can help

We are working with our students and Kent Union to organise and promote a range of fundraising activities and would urge all students and staff to consider supporting these.

We are exploring how the University can support the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme which allows those interested in helping to house Ukrainians fleeing their country.

Canterbury for Ukraine

We are working closely with local partners through the multi-agency Canterbury for Ukraine group to offer practical help and guidance to those arriving from Ukraine and to coordinate local efforts to support fundraising and other activities.    

We would very much like to hear about further ideas as to how the university community can support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people at this extremely difficult time for the country and its people, and if you have any thoughts, please do let us know by emailing ukraine-support@kent.ac.uk

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