Sign up and earn points

You can claim 'Employability Points' for undertaking co-curricular activities whilst registered as a University of Kent student. These points can be redeemed for the chance to apply for rewards.

By completing co-curricular activities, which allow you to develop 'soft skills', you can claim Employability Points. 

To do this, you must log your activities on MyFolio here.

Upon doing so, the EP team will review your activities and allocate points.

There are countless ways you can earn points and you can see the full points classification below.

To get started

If you haven't signed-up to the EP Scheme yet, log-in to your MyFolio account here and start logging your co-curricular achievements and activities.

What is a co-curricular activity?

A co-curricular activity is an activity you undertake alongside your degree studies. The activity is optional and non-credit bearing. It could include joining a student group, attending an event, working part-time and much more.

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