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Turnitin - known issues

Some errors are fixed too quickly for this page to be updated; anything longer term should appear here.


Updating grades and feedback flags

Turnitin have added a new option within the settings, allowing you to 'refresh all grades from Turnitin'. This option only appears when at least one submission has been graded online.

This option is useful in two instances:

  • You have just updated several grades in quick succession and those updates are not shown in the Turnitin inbox.
  • You want to check whether students have read their feedback. The flag which indicates a student has viewed the feedback screen for at least 30 seconds does not automatically update.

To refresh all grades, go to the settings for the Turnitin inbox. Either:

  • Click on the Turnitin inbox, click the cog icon at top right and choose 'edit settings'.
  • From your module page (i.e. before clicking on the inbox), turn editing on then next to the Turnitin link, choose edit-edit settings.

Once in the settings page, choose 'Refresh all grades from Turnitin'. You may now return to your Moodle page. Feedback flags and grades will now be up to date.

Rubrics and multiple markers

If using a rubric, only the person who created a rubric can change it. If any work has been marked, no one else should attempt to change the rubric settings - doing so will remove the original rubric and all comments/marks made using it. This happens even though other instructors cannot see the rubric. Turnitin will put up a warning, but other universities report that teachers sometimes think that isn't a problem, because they can't see that there's a rubric attached.

See this page from Reading for fuller information.

Unable to upload assignments in Safari

Turnitin requires the use of browser cookies. The following error message may be displayed when the Safari web browser privacy setting for "Block Cookies and other Web data" is set to either "Always" or "From third parties and advertisers."
Loading Error: We couldn't carry out that action because you have been logged out. Please log in again from the Turnitin home page.
To resolve the issue, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Safari menu and select "Preferences."
  2. Click on the "Privacy" tab.
  3. Set "Block Cookies and other website data" to "Never"

Note: You may need to close and then re-open your browser window, clear your browser cache, and/or log out and back into your LMS for these settings to take affect. After you are finished using Turnitin, you may revert your privacy settings.

Can't open comments on marked work in Chrome.

Some people have reported that on-paper comments in Chrome are unresponsive, with nothing happening when they click on them. For now the only workaround is to use another browser, such as Internet Explorer.

QuickMark menu doesn't allow switching between sets

This may happen while marking work on a variety of IT configurations, with your web browser not allowing you to change the quickmark set. Clearing the browser's cache and cookies should fix the problem: instructions for doing so will vary depending on your browser.

For IE11 (earlier versions are unsupported):

  1. Click on the Tools icon, at the top right of the browser window.
  2. Choose Internet options from the menu.
  3. Turnitin recommend you uncheck 'preserve favorites web site data'
  4. Turnitin recommend you check the boxes for the rest of the options; as a minimum, check 'Temporary Internet Files', 'Cookies' and 'History'.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Wait till the 'busy' marker disappears, then click OK.

For Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome menu (upper right corner, three horizontal lines).
  2. Select Tools-Clear Browsing data (in some versions this is under 'more tools').
  3. From the drop-down menu for 'Obliterate the following items from:' select "the beginning of time" (!)
  4. Make sure that 'Cached images and Files' and 'Cookies and other site and plugin data' are checked. Uncheck any others you wish to keep.
  5. Click 'Clear browsing data'.
  6. Once the data is cleared, close the options window.

Instructions for Firefox (PC) and Safari, Firefox and Chrome (Mac) are in the pdf to download.

Can't sign the EULA

First-time users of Turnitin have to sign the user agreement. On some browsers, depending on your screen resolution, the 'I agree' button is hidden.

  • Use the zoom out function (on a PC, hold the ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel down, or hold ctrl and press -) until you can see the button.
  • Turnitin I agree

  • On a Mac, hold the command key and press - (hold command and press + to zoom back in again).

If you still experience problems, you may need to change security settings - see our blog post for more.

No response from icons using Edge

In some Turnitin inboxes, the links become inert when using Edge as your browser on a PC. The workaround is to click on another link - the title of the module at the top of the screen works reliably - then return to the inbox and follow the link to see your essay or feedback.

Click the module title

Can't access inboxes using Safari

The workaround is to try a different browser, such as Chrome. If using a mobile device running iOS, we suggest using a browser on a laptop or PC. Although Turntin released a new plugin on 2nd Feb, this problem is ongoing.

Individual assignment not viewable - M14:11 error

M14:11 error in Turnitin

In this case, the teacher is able to access the inbox and some submissions open okay, but one or more give the M14: 11 error, as shown above. The paper in this instance has not been processed correctly by Turnitin. Your FLT can reprocess it from the Turnitinuk site. If you have logged into Turnitinuk.com yourself, you will also be able to do this - login to the site, browse to the relevant inbox and click the ! next to the submission title, as shown below. The file is normally reprocessed (well) within a minute.

Click the ! to reprocess

Redirected to a Turnitinuk.com login page

This error appears mainly to staff, and when trying to 'download a pdf of current view for printing' from within the document viewer. If you need to download Grademarked pdfs, you can instead use the bulk download option from the Turnitin inbox.

To fix the error in Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools (top right) Tools icon.
  2. Choose Internet Options.
  3. Click on the security tab, click on Trusted sites and then the Sites button.

Trusted sites

  1. In the field 'add this website to the zone:', type https://*.turnitinuk.com and click Add.

Add *.turnitinuk.com

Turnitin not showing whether students have viewed comments

Turnitin has a useful feature for teaching staff, giving a visible marker when a student has looked at the comments on work marked online for at least a minute. However, this is not being updated in Turnitin inboxes currently. There is a workaround. Using the refresh button next to each student allows you to see whether that student has looked at comments on the work. Note that the overall 'refresh submissions' button does not work, only that next to each student. To refresh all the markers, see updating grades and feedback flags, above.

Refresh students individually

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