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Using video in Moodle

Moodle has several options for you to choose from when including video within your modules. When you choose to add a resource you will see four video options. Whichever you choose, the result will only be viewable within the module.

Video upload a video for all enrolled on the module to see.
Video – Box of Broadcasts select a BoB video to be linked to within the module.
Video – KentPlayer select a recorded session from KentPlayer to be linked to within the module
Video – restricted upload a video that will only be viewable by a group that you select.

Video options

The four options will appear slightly differently if you have the activity chooser switched on. To switch it on, click on the option under Administration-Module administration.

Without activity chooser

Click on Add a resource and select an option, as below.

Add video options


With activity chooser

Choose Add an activity or resource. The options shown below appear at the very end of the list. Select an option and click Add.

Add video options with activity chooser switched on

Uploading video

The first and last options in the list above allow you to upload a video. In either case, the result will only be viewable via the Moodle module into which you upload it.


A file uploaded with this option will be stored on a Vimeo account dedicated to the University of Kent's Moodle. It will not appear in search results on Vimeo or the wider internet. Only those enrolled on the module will be able to see it. You may also choose a video you have previously uploaded by the same method. We are limited to 20GB per month, so this is not suitable for very large uploads. Note that videos including students, such as student performances, should not be uploaded using this service* - use the restricted option, below.

How to upload a video

Videos uploaded with the Video option will be held on a Vimeo account dedicated to the University of Kent's Moodle. To upload a video for everyone enrolled on the module to see, choose the Video option. On the next screen you should add a descriptive name and click the Upload a new video button. Any videos previously uploaded using this option will also be available for selection, allowing you quickly to include videos in multiple modules. You should not use this option for any videos containing student or staff personal data.

Upload or choose existing

Click Save and return to module when you are finished.

Video – restricted

Files uploaded with this option will be stored within Moodle and be available only to those enrolled on the module. This is intended for use with videos that only certain groups should see, for example, staff reviewing student performances for assessment. Any videos containing personal data should be uploaded using this option.

How to upload a restricted video

Videos uploaded with the Video - restricted option will be held on Kent servers. You should add a descriptive name. You may upload multiple video files at once using the drag and drop box.

To restrict access to certain groups within the module, choose Restrict access at the bottom of the page, then Add restriction.

Restrict access

To restrict access to staff only, choose Group, then change the top option to must not and the group to (Any group), as shown below. Click save restriction.

No student access

Lecture recordings with KentPlayer

KentPlayer recordings uploaded to the module’s folder on the KentPlayer server are included automatically within the block in Moodle. Further guidance on using KentPlayer is available. You may also add individual recordings within Moodle sections, allowing you to include a week’s lecture alongside its notes and slides. Any recordings made without using KentPlayer may be uploaded using the video option above.

How to link to a KentPlayer recording

Once you select the option, you should fill in a descriptive title for the KentPlayer recording you are about to link to.

  • Click on Select Video
  • You will be shown a list of recordings for the current module; click on the checkbox next to the video you want to link to.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click save and return to module.

To include a recording from a different folder, click the Change link next to the current folder:


Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

Bob National is a repository of recorded programmes from free-to-air television and radio. You may link to any video available in BoB.

How to link to a BoB recording

You should first find the video you want to link to on Box of Broadcasts (http://bobnational.net/).

  • Click on the video.
  • Click on <>embed beneath the image.
  • copy the WAYFless URL.
  • In Moodle, paste this URL into the resource.


General guidance for uploading videos

As usual, you must own or hold all the necessary rights to any video you are uploading. This includes copyright, see http://www.kent.ac.uk/is/copyright/ for more information. If using material from external sources there are some copyright exceptions for educational use but there is no simple formula to determine whether exceptions apply. You should consider that they will apply only in limited circumstances and are subject to a test of fairness.

* This is to ensure we comply with data protection legislation regarding video storage.



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