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The current academic year's Moodle modules are open to guest access by default. Only people with a Kent IT account can login to Moodle and use guest access. Students may look at modules to make a more informed choice of modules and staff can see how colleagues use Moodle. Guests can view resources within a module such as files, web links, web pages and podcasts, but cannot access quizzes, forums, assignments, KentPlayer recordings and CLA-scanned items. Privacy is maintained as activity within a module is only visible to students and staff enrolled on the module.

To view a module as a guest, use the search box in the My Modules block on the front page to search for the module by code or title, or browse all the modules on Moodle by selecting the "Modules" link in the Navigation block, also found on the front page. The top-right corner of this page also has a search box. If you can't find a particular module it may be because:

  • it is not running this year.
  • Moodle is not being used for the module.
  • guest access has been disabled by a module teacher.
  • the module is not yet visible to students.

All guest-accessible modules display a guest icon guest icon to the right of the title. Click on the title to enter the module.

Please be aware that a Moodle module does not necessarily give a full understanding of how the module will be taught, and that modules can change from year to year. We would also advise you not to purchase any books based on a module's reading list, as this changes regularly.

For staff

Sensitive documents

If your module contains files that should not be visible to guests, such as sample assignments, you can make them available only to enrolled students:

  1. With editing turned on, click on the edit icon next to the resource and choose edit settings from the menu.
  2. Choose the Restrict Access heading.
  3. Choose 'Add restriction', then 'Group'.
  4. From the drop-down that appears next to the word Group, select the module code (this group contains all students enrolled on the module).
  5. Click Save and return to module.

Note that resources so restricted will still be visible to you when using 'guest preview', because your role has access, but they will not be visible by guests.

Removing guest access

Please consider removal of guest access as a last resort as doing so will affect prospective students' ability to make an informed choice about the module. To remove guest access:

Moodle 2017

  1. In the module, click the cog icon at top right.
  2. Choose More.
  3. Choose the Users tab.
  4. Click on Enrolment methods.
  5. In the 'Guest access' section, click on the eye icon so that it has a strike through it.

Previous years' Moodle:

  1. In the Settings block, under 'Module administration', click the Users link and then on enrolment methods.
  2. In the 'Guest access' section, click on the eye icon so that it has a strike through it.

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