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E-Submission Contingency

The University aims to maintain continuity of service for its information systems at all times. However, there may be occasions when particular systems or services are unavailable (outside of scheduled maintenance bookings); this may affect, among other things, a student's ability to electronically submit work for assessment to Moodle, Turnitin and/or School-based systems (i.e. local servers).

In order to limit the impact of a service being unavailable for a period of time, we ask that Schools consider the following list of recommendations in order to support their own local contingency plans. These recommendations are based on current practice at the University and can be tailored to suit local policies and processes.

  • Turnitin and Moodle Assignment activities should be configured to permit late submissions so that system outages that coincide with assignment deadlines do not negate a student's ability to make a submission upon service resumption.
  • Students should be made aware that the status of all centrally supported systems and services at the University can be checked on the IT service alerts page and should be encouraged to check this page if they experience any issues whilst submitting work for assessment.
  • Students should always retain digital receipts as proof of submission to Turnitin.
  • Information on School e-submission contingency procedures and links to the IT service alerts page should be made available to students through the approproate channels (i.e. in module handbooks).

Depending on the period of system unavailability and its proximity to the assignment deadline, Schools may choose to instigate additional processes as part of their contingency response, such as:

  • Accepting submissions via email, with the following recommendations:
    • A generic School-based email account should be used (i.e. historycoursework@kent.ac.uk).
    • Submissions should only be accepted if sent from the student's University email address.
    • Students should adhere to a predetermined file-naming convention.
  • Extension of the submission deadline.
  • Current contingency responses by the academic Schools. [XLS spreadhsheet]

It is important that students and affected staff are made aware, through the appropriate channels, whenever any aspects of a School e-submission contingency policy are put into place. If you have any questions about these recommendations or would like advice on e-submission contingency, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

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