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KentPlayer - lecture recording

KentPlayer is the University's lecture recording service (see 'What can I use it for?' in the 'Information for Staff' tab below for other uses), available in Canterbury, Medway, Tonbridge and Brussels. This service uses webcams and microphones in teaching rooms to record audio and/or video of the lecturer alongside a recording of the computer screen, including any PowerPoint presentation, and makes the resulting recording available to students on the appropriate Moodle module.

How does it work?

KentPlayer uses a system called Panopto [external]; a software package installed on presenter PCs which captures:

  • Lecturer video and/or audio (using a High-Definition webcam).
  • PowerPoint slides (if applicable).
  • Computer screen (for computer/web demonstration or other presentation formats).
  • Any other attached USB video device (such as a visualiser/document camera or additional webcam).

Once a recording has finished it will be displayed automatically in the appropriate module in Moodle, and can be viewed on the web using any web browser, though the Microsoft Silverlight plugin [external] is required for some older recordings made in 2014/15 or earlier. The viewer interface allows students to annotate recordings for revision. Mobile devices will see the podcast version of the recording, which usually displays video sources side-by-side, and apps are available for iPhone/iPad/iPod [external] and Android [external].

In addition, you can subscribe to a podcast of all recordings in a module, and your computer will automatically download the latest recording when it is published.

Information for Staff

What can I use it for?

There are many different uses for this service, as it will allow you to record anything which can be captured using a webcam and anything happening on your computer screen. Some examples:

  • Lectures and presentations.
  • Revision materials - of any length, recorded from your own computer.
  • Software demonstrations.
  • Video-based assignment feedback.
  • Interviews and site visits (using the iOS app).

If you are thinking of using KentPlayer to record and/or broadcast an academic-related event such as a conference or public seminar, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist at least three weeks before the event and refer to the checklist and guidelines ('Run, Record, Release, Reuse').

How do I use it?

A simple setup checklist is all you need to start recording in the installed locations and on your own computer. Hands-on training sessions [external link] are also offered periodically. If you'd like any advice or support on the use of the service please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist or read the frequently asked questions. To keep up to date with the latest KentPlayer information, subscribe to the KentPlayer users email list.

Consent forms

Setup and use

Managing and editing recordings

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