Making a Referral

Where Academic Markers suspect that a breach of academic integrity may have occurred, they should complete a referral for review by the Chair of the Academic Misconduct Committee.
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When completing the form, the principles and procedures of Annex 10 of the Credit Framework and associated appendices must be considered.  

Academic Misconduct Referral Form

Staff can now create, review and manage Academic Misconduct Referrals via Microsoft PowerApps.

Academic Markers should take care to include as much detail as possible about the alleged breach of regulations. 

Once a referral has been submitted, the case will be reviewed by the Secretary and the Chair of the Committee, who will determine the next steps. 

For further instruction on how to complete the form, please view the training videos and User Guide on the  Academic Misconduct Form SharePoint. 

Partner Colleges

Please note that the online referral form is currently only accessible for internal members of staff. A downloadable version of the Referral Form (Annex 10, Appendix C) is available for Partner Colleges to use for the purpose of reporting cases of alleged academic misconduct. 

The principles and procedures of Annex 10 of the Credit Framework should be applied in all cases. 

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