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Dr William Collier

Senior Lecturer in Economics

School of Economics, Kennedy Building, Room 214



William Collier is Senior Lecturer in Economics. He completed both his MA and PhD at the University of Kent and joined the School as Lecturer in 2002. He was previously Research Fellow at the Centre for European, Regional and Transport Economics (CERTE).

William's research interests are in the field of Labour Economics.

William is Faculty Director of Admissions, Employability and Student Experience (Social Sciences).

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William's publications can also be found on RePEc.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Collier, W., Piracha, M. and Randazzo, T. (2017). Remittances and return migration. Review of Development Economics [Online]. Available at:
Collier, W., Valbuena, J. and Zhu, Y. (2017). What determines post-compulsory academic studies? Evidence from the longitudinal survey of young people in England. Applied Economics Letters [Online]:1-4. Available at:
Lowe, B., d'Alessandro, S., Winzar, H., Laffey, D. and Collier, W. (2013). The Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Marketing Classes: Key Drivers of Student Acceptance. Journal of Consumer Behaviour [Online] 12:412-422. Available at:
Collier, W., Green, F., Young-Bae, K. and Peirson, J. (2011). Education, Training and Economic Performance: Evidence from Establishment Survival Data. Journal of Labor Research [Online] 32:336-361. Available at:
Collier, W., Green, F. and Peirson, J. (2005). Training and establishment survival. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 52:710-735.
Collier, W. (2005). The Impact of Demographic and Individual Heterogeneity on Unemployment Duration: A Regional Study. Applied Economics 37:133-153.
Book section
Collier, W. and Peirson, J. (2005). The Presence of Favourites and Biases in Bookmakers' Odds. In: Vaughan-Williams, L. ed. Information Efficiency in Financial and Betting Markets. UK: Cambridge University Press. Available at:
Research report (external)
Collier, W., Green, F. and Kim, Y. (2007). Training and Establishment Survival. [Online]. Skills for Business. Available at:
Collier, W., Piracha, M. and Randozza, T. (2011). Remittances and Return Migration. Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Institute for the Study of Labor. Available at:
Collier, W., Zhu, Y. and Valbuena, J. (2011). What Determines Post-Compulsory Educational Choice? Evidence from the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England. University of Kent. Available at:
Cusimano, A. (2017). The Effectiveness of Local Development Programs in Southern Italy. A Global Counterfactual Analysis.
Mahmud, M. (2015). Essays on Small Scale Finance and Recipient Behaviour.
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Research interests

William’s main research interests include work on unemployment, inter-industry wages, and employer-provided training and business performance. Other work includes economic analyses of migration, congestion pricing, betting markets and the economics of education.

William's RePEc page is

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Consultation hours


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PhD supervision

Current students

Past students

  • Dr Daniel Roland, Essays on the Economics of Education and Health, completed 2018
  • Dr Alessandro Cusimano, The effectiveness of local development programs in Southern Italy. A global counterfactual analysis, completed 2017
  • Dr Mahreen Mahmud, Small Scale Finance and Behaviour of Recipients, completed 2015
  • Dr Teresa Randazzo: Essays on Different Forms of Migration, completed 2014
  • Dr Eirini Saloniki, Disability, Discrimination and Misreporting, completed 2014
  • Dr Paprakorn Winaisathaporn: Economic Analysis of Traffic Congestion, completed 2013
  • Dr Javier Valbuena: Empirical Essays on the Economics of Education, completed 2013
  • Dr Cyrus Farsian: Essays on the Cyclicality of Real Wages, completed 2012
  • Dr Stephen Allan: The labour supply and retirement of older workers, completed 2008


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Administrative roles



  • Member of Student Recruitment Board (SRB)
  • Member of Student Experience Board (SEB)
  • Member of Information Services Board (ISB)
  • Member of Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Committee (ASQC)
  • Member of  Assessment and Feedback Steering Group (AFSG)
  • Member of  E-learning Strategy Group (ELSG)
  • Senior Academic Representative for KentVision Strategy Group (KVSG)


  • Faculty Director of Admissions, Employability and Student Experience (Social Sciences)
  • Chair of Faculty Recruitment and Outreach Committee
  • Chair of Faculty Student Experience and Employability Committee
  • Member of Dean’s Advisory Group
  • Member of Faculty Management Group


  • School contact for The Economics Network
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