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Professor Iain Fraser

Professor of Agri-Environmental Economics

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Iain Fraser is a Professor of Agri-Environmental Economics. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester in 1992. He has held academic positions in the UK at the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Imperial College. He also lectured in Australia for seven years at La Trobe University.

His research interests cover various aspects of agricultural, environmental and resource economics. Since September 2012 he has been an editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics.

Iain Fraser is the School's Director of Employability.


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Iain's publications can also be found on RePEc and Orcid.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Conference or workshop item
Souza Monteiro, D., Lowe, B. and Fraser, I. (2016). Changing food choice behaviors using calorie counters. In: Teyssier, S. and Crosetto, P. eds. 1st Winter Workshop on the Behavioral and Experimental Economics of Food Consumption.
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Balcombe, K., Fraser, I. and Sharma, A. (2019). Is Radiative Forcing Cointegrated with Temperature? A Further Examination Using a Structural Time Series Approach. Management of Environmental Quality.
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Research interests

Iain's current research interests cover various aspects of agricultural, environmental and resource economics. Examples, include agri-environmental economics (the use of contracts, implications of climate change, farmer coordination), non-market valuation (Contingent Valuation and Choice Experiments), the role of information in food consumption and applied econometrics. He has also conducted research on natural resource accounting, household waste management and the use of contracts in the Australian wine sector.

Iain's RePEc page is

Working Papers

Iain recently completed a project on Country of Origin food labels for Defra. A copy of the report can be found here.

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Consultation hours


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PhD supervision

Current students

Past students

  • Dr Monica Paganini: "Firm Level Efficiency", registered 2011
  • Dr Steve King, registered 2011, submitted October 2014
  • Dr Christina Siettou: "Pet Markets and Animal Welfare", completed 2015
  • Dr Uzma Iram: "Health Inequalities in Pakistan", completed 2013
  • Dr Nicole Snell: "Topics on Food and Health", completed 2011
  • Dr Emmanuelle Quillerou: "Adverse Selection and Agri-Environmental Policy Design: The Higher Level Stewardship Scheme as a Case Study", completed 2010
  • Dr Michael Bitzos: "Topics on Food and Health"


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Administrative roles

  • Director of Employability
  • Open/Applicant Day Co-ordinator


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