The Economics Virtual Study Lounge; an initiative to help everyone to study through lockdown.

We realise how hard it is for you without the study spaces you’re used to, alongside productive students -so this aims to recreate that feeling virtually.

What’s a Virtual Study Lounge?

A virtual study lounge is a virtual meeting where people hold each other accountable for getting work done for a couple hours.  

At the beginning the mediator gently prompts others to share what they plan on working on, and then everyone quickly starts to get down to business. At this point, everyone mutes themselves, but some may keep their cameras on while others turn them off. 

  • Even though you’re prompted to speak, you don’t need to. You could just post in the chat to say ‘hi’. 
  • You don’t need to show your face either, you can turn your camera off before joining the meeting and still study alongside everyone else. 

The mediated meetings will run from 4-5:30 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, but the Virtual Study Lounge channel is open anyone to use at any time. If enough people use it, there will always be someone in there. 

Who mediates? You do!

Please leave your name if you are interested in being mediator for a 90-minute session for others to attend. All this means is that you open the meeting using the meet now facility in the channel and just let others join in.  

We have created a new channel on Teams: Econ Virtual Study Lounge where you can sign up to mediate a session like Shivali pictured here who will be mediating one of the sessions in our inaugural week.

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