DICE talks

DICE talks

The DICE talks are a monthly set of free and public events that showcase the work of DICE members, students and alumni. They take place between 18:00 and 19:00 on a Thursday each month and everyone is welcome to attend.

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Previous DICE talks

Using decoy turtle eggs to track poachers

Helen Pheasey talks about her PhD research in Costa RIca, which is using decoy turtle eggs to track the movement of poachers.

Conserving Brazil's mountain-top frogs

Dr Bela Barata talks about her fieldwork looking at the impacts of climate change on some of Brazil's most endangered amphibian species.

The triple challenge - food, climate and forests

Will Baldwin-Cantello, Chief Adviser on Forests for WWF-UK, talks about how we can restore nature, feed the world and avoid dangerous climate change.

A pandemonium of parakeets!

Dr Hazel Jackson, Science Director of Animal Free Research UK, talks about how parakeets have successfully established themselves in Europe.

How can we save ugly species?

Dr Bob Smith, Director of DICE, talks about how social marketing can be used to raise support for any species, even the ugly ones.