Violence and Society - SOCI5340

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Module delivery information

Location Term Level1 Credits (ECTS)2 Current Convenor3 2024 to 2025
Spring Term 6 15 (7.5) Erin Sanders-McDonagh checkmark-circle


This module will examine the ways in which violence is receiving increasing attention within the social sciences, and will introduce the major theoretical and research themes involved in the analysis of violence. It will examine data on the prevalence, nature and effects of violent crime, and will consider issues of violence, aggression and masculinity. This will be done with particular reference to examples, such as racist crime, homophobic crime and domestic violence. The module will approach violence from interpersonal and societal perspectives and will include consideration of collective violence and genocide. It will further examine solutions to solutions to violence and conflict resolution, the effects of intervention strategies and non-juridical responses to violence.


Contact hours

Total contact hours: 22
Private study hours: 128
Total study hours: 150


Sociology BA
Sociology BA joint honours
Criminology BA
Criminology and Social Policy BA

Method of assessment

Main assessment methods

Essay - 50%
Examination – 50%.

Reassessment methods

100% coursework.

Indicative reading

Collins, R. (2008) Violence – a Microsociological Theory, Princeton: Princeton University Press
Kilby, J. and Ray, L. J. eds (2015) Violence and Society - Towards a New Sociology Sociological Review Monograph, Sociological Review 16 (3)
Lee, R. M. and Stanko, B. eds, (2003) Researching Violence, London: Routledge
Pinker, S. (2012) The Angels of Our Better Nature, London: Allen Lane
Ray, L. J. (2011) Violence and Society, London: Sage
Scheper-Hughes, N. and Bourgeois, P. eds (2004) Violence in War and Peace, Oxford: Blackwell
Steger, M. B. and Lind, N. S. eds (1999) Violence and its Alternatives – an Interdisciplinary Reader, London: Macmillan
Wieviorka, M. (2009) Violence [a new approach], London: Sage

See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

Learning outcomes

The intended subject specific learning outcomes.
On successfully completing the module students will be able to:

8.1 Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the relevance of violence to criminological analysis
8.2 Demonstrate a critical knowledge of key concepts, debates and theoretical approaches to criminology and sociology and their relationship
to the study of violence
8.3 Critically evaluate major theoretical and research themes involved in the analysis of violence
8.4 Demonstrate an appreciation of the complexity and diversity of violent behaviour

The intended generic learning outcomes.
On successfully completing the module students will be able to:

9.1 Effectively communicate theoretical and empirical material and arguments
9.2 Organise complex information in a clear and coherent manner
9.3 Synthesise items of knowledge from different schools and disciplines of enquiry


  1. Credit level 6. Higher level module usually taken in Stage 3 of an undergraduate degree.
  2. ECTS credits are recognised throughout the EU and allow you to transfer credit easily from one university to another.
  3. The named convenor is the convenor for the current academic session.
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