Ten Technologies That Made Us Modern - HI434

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Science has arguably been the greatest force for cultural change in the last 500 years. Scientists have changed the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves. They have moved the earth from the centre of the universe, and have taught us that we are nothing more than jumped-up apes. This module visits some of the most important events and developments since the so-called 'scientific revolution' (c. 1700) and questions some myths about how science works.

Note that absolutely no technical knowledge of science is required for this module. This module is all about people, places and culture, not an examination of particular scientific theories.


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Indicative reading

Thomas P. Hughes, Human-Built World
Ralph O’Connor, The Earth on Show
Trevor Pinch and Harry Collins, The Golem
James Secord, Victorian Sensation
Steven Shapin, A Social History of Truth
Steven Shapin, The Scientific Revolution
Gillian Beer, Darwin’s Plots

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