Ten Technologies That Made Us Modern - HI434

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Over the past 500 years, inventions such as telescopes, robots and fridges have revolutionised our relationships with one another and with the natural world. This module engages with some well-known inventions since the so-called 'scientific revolution' (c. 1600), alongside some unexpected and surprising ones. It examines their making and their use, and explores how they have contributed to the distinctively modern European perspective that has come to be known as ‘science’. This module approaches its topics from the perspectives of cultural and social history.


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Indicative reading

Patricia Fara, Science: A 4000 year history
Donald MacKenzie and Judy Wajcman, eds. The social shaping of technology
Winner, Langdon. "Do artifacts have politics?" Daedalus (1980): 121-136
Misa, Thomas J., Philip Brey, and Andrew Feenberg, eds. Modernity and technology
Miller, Daniel, ed. Material cultures: Why some things matter
Edgerton, David. "From innovation to use: Ten eclectic theses on the historiography of technology." History and Technology, an International Journal 16.2 (1999): 111-136

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