Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Design - EL323

Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Current Convenor 2019-20
Canterbury Autumn
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4 15 (7.5)







Forces, moments and Equilibrium of rigid bodies
Dynamics of linear and rotary motion
Angular momentum, work and energy
Elementary stress-strain analysis

Engineering Design:
Transformation of a client requirement into an engineering design statement
Decomposition and evaluation of design requirements
Consideration of the human and ergonomic factors in the design process
CAD based drawings and models via CAD tools
Realisation of CAD models using computer numerical control manufacturing machines


Contact hours

34 contact hours comprising lectures, laboratory classes and example classes
116 hours of private study
Total hours for the module 150

Method of assessment

Exam, 2 hours (60%)
Assignment, 5 A4 pages (15%)
Presentation, 15 minutes (25%)

Indicative reading

Learning outcomes

1. the fundamental principles of statics and dynamics.
2. the mathematical description of mechanical systems
3. the method of solving problems involving particles and extended bodies
4. the principles of design processes
5. the principles of CAD based drawings and models
6. product manufacturing tools

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