Latin for Beginners 2 - CL365

Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Current Convenor 2019-20
Canterbury Spring
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4 15 (7.5) MS B Littlechilds


Prerequisite: Latin for Beginners 1, or equivalent level of ability in target language





This course is designed for students who have already acquired the fundamentals of Latin morphology and syntax. It aims at developing students' abilities to read and understand Latin texts by providing them with more advanced knowledge of Latin grammar and syntax. The course schedule broadens students’ understanding of Latin morphology and syntax, enabling them to read, comprehend, and translate complex sentences and extended passages. Students will acquire a core vocabulary incorporating the most frequently used Latin words relevant to the subject matter of texts encountered.


This module appears in:

Contact hours

Total Contact Hours: 40

Method of assessment

4 x In-Course Test (30 minutes each) – 40%
Examination (two hours) – 60%

Indicative reading

Indicative Reading List

Wheelock, F.M. (rev. R. A. Lafleur), (2011). Wheelock's Latin, Seventh Edition, New York: Harper Collins

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing the module students will be able to:

Show a basic command of Latin accidence and syntax (subjunctive mood and conjugation, complex sentences, declensions 4-6);
Have a basic knowledge of grammatical terms and underlying principles of Latin (syntactical constructions, compositional terms);
Show a command of core Latin vocabulary (including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions), relevant to subject matter encountered;
Demonstrate basic reading skills and strategies for reading Latin language;
Demonstrate an elementary ability to translate Latin-to-English and English-to-Latin sentences (complex sentences and passages exhibiting extensive hypotactical structure);
Show basic abilities to identify and solve problems with the appropriate tools in short translation passages in prose and verse from Latin authors.

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