If you have a debt to the University you may still be formally invited to a Congregations ceremony but it is important that you take note of the deadline set for clearing debts.

If your outstanding balance is a tuition fee debt, failure to meet the deadline will mean your results will be withheld and you will be excluded from graduating. When you are invited to your graduation you will be provided with the fee debt deadline. 

If your outstanding balance is an ancillary debt (i.e. not related to payment of University tuition fees), failure to pay the balance by the deadline means the University reserves the right to revoke your invitation to attend the degree ceremony. Instead you will graduate in absentia only.

Please make the payment online. You can check the balance of your account by contacting the Income Office at incomeoffice@kent.ac.uk. 

If you are graduating in November 2023, then you must have cleared your debt by Friday 20 October 2023.

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