In Memoriam

In Memoriam

With sadness the University records the deaths of the following alumni, former staff and honorary graduates. We extend our heartfelt condolences to all who knew and loved them.


Sir David Akers-Jones Humanities, 1966 (d.2019)

Penelope Arthurs English and Philosophy, 1965-68 (d.2020)

John M Beck Local Government and Administration, 1965-68 (d.2020)

Linda Binns Mathematics, 1967-1971 (d.2019)

Jennifer Buckman English & American Literature, 1968-71 (d.2019)

Barry Chapman Chemistry, 1965-69 (d.2019)

Robert Dacombe History, 1967-71 (d.2022)

Christine S Farmer Sociology, 1965-71 (d.2023) 

Dr Alan F Garner Mathematics, 1965-74 (d.2020)

Maurice Garnham English, 1965-73 (d.2007)

Joanna E Goddard History and English, 1969-72 (d.2020)

Jane Hill (née Black) Economic & Social History and Politics & Government, 1969-73 (d.2000)

Stephen Hill Communications Engineering, 1969-72 (d.2023)

Barry R McAleenan Chemistry, 1966-69 (d.2022)

Richard C Mott Chemistry, 1965-68 (d.2023)

Patrick (Paddy) Rogers Sociology and Politics & Government, 1966-69 (d.2017)

Dr Eileen A Tresidder Social Policy & Administration, 1969-81 (d.2021)

Francis Walker English & American Literature, 1967-70 (d.2019)

John R Watson Law, 1967-70 (d.2022)

Tom Wilkinson English & American Literature, 1967-70 (d.2023)


Barbara A Ballard Social Anthropology, 1973-79 (d.2020)

Sabine Bohner German and English, 1977-80 (d.2022)

David P Collard Philosophy, 1970-73 (d.2020)

James M Gosling Sociology and Politics & Government, 1970-74 (d.2021)

Bridget J Green English & American Literature, 1972-75 (d.2021)

Dr Bryan Greetham History, 1971-74 (d.2022)

Gareth L Jones Sociology, 1973-89 (d.2021) 

James Maposa-Sibindani Politics & Government, 1979-82 (d.2021)

Belinda M Meteyard Law, 1973-83 (d.2022)

Brian M Mitchell Law and Philosophy, 1971-74 (d.2023)

Philip M North Statistics, 1975-79 (d.2021)

Dr Ian R Pullen Electronics, 1973-81 (d.2023)

Margaret M Scott-Knight History, 1979-82 (d.2020)

Brian Stuart Smith Electronics, 1970-73 (d.2016) 

Richard W Tagart English and Philosophy, 1975-78 and History, 1978-81 (d.2023)  

Edwina H Tyler German and French, 1970-74 (d.2021)

Dr Colin M Walklin Biology, 1975-85 (d.2023)


Mr Alistair Barwick Chemistry, 1983-86 (d.2007)

Warren Dean Briggs Politics, 1986-87 (d.2014)

Wayne Casey Politics & Government and History, 1981-85 (d.2018)

Jonathan P Cooper History, 1984-87 (d.2021)

Colin Covington Management, 1986-88 (d.2020)

Julia Craik Philosophy, 1985-88 (d.2020)

Patrick Hetherington Politics & Government, 1981-84 (d.2014)

Geoff R Hill Politics & Government, 1987-90 (d.2021)

Aine T Lark Drama & Theatre Studies, 1989-93 (d.2022)

Paul Rawlinson English and French Law, 1980-84 (d.2019)

Ahmed Ssenyomo International Relations, 1985-86 (d.2020)


Adam G Brace Drama & Theatre Studies, 1998-2002 (d.2023)

Simon Challenger Sociology, 1993-96 (d.2022)

Dr Dawn Crouch Theology and History, 1990-99 (d.2020)

Dr Gurpreet S Khraund Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1995-2006 (d.2020)

Steven E Jeffery English & American Literature, 1996-99 (d.2022)

Neil E Le Bihan Social Policy, 1998-2001 (d.2023)

Lyndon Levesley Computer Science, 1991-93 (d.2022)

Samuel Y Maruta International Relations, 1996-97 (d.2021)

Steven W Potter English and French Law, 1990-94 (d.2022)

Stanley Rose African & Caribbean Studies and History, 1993-98 (d.2021)

Cheryl L Russell English & American Literature, 1999-2004 (d.2022)

Oliver C Taylor Computer Science, 1994-97 (d.2022)


David Browne Combined Studies, 2006-09 (d.2022)

David E de Saxe Medieval & Tudor Studies, 2000-04 (d.2022)

Stella Dick Combined Studies, 2000-01 (d.2021)

Frank R Douglas International Relations, 2000-06 (D.2021)

Alice Driver Cultural Studies, 2009-13 (d.2019)

Christopher B Fernihough Applied Theology, 2001-03 (d.2022)

Jingqi Miao Higher Education, 2001-03 (d.2021)

Enid Reeves English & American Literature, 2002-05 (d.2019)

Lee J Stanton Psychology, 2005-08 (d.2022)


Munashe Grey Computer Systems Engineering, 2015-20 (d.2021)

Margaret Harding Medieval & Early Modern Studies, 2010-12 (d.2022)

Melissa Y Martinez International Development, 2013-14 (d.2020)

Jessica Small Biological Anthropology 2012-16 and PhD student, School of Anthropology and Conservation, 2018-19 (d.2019)

Fiona Tucker Psychology, 2010-14 (d.2019) 

Nicholas Willford Biomedical Science, 2014-17 (d.2023) 

Former Staff

Jessica Ashdown Secretary to the Registrar, 1989-2000 (d.2019)

Dr Brian Atkinson (d.2017) 

John Barron Deputy Director of Finance (d.2024)

Rebecca Burt Head of Graphic Design at Kent Union, 2015-16 (d.2023)

Clive Church Politics and International Relations, 1981-2003 (d.2021) 

John Court Theology, 1969-2001 (d.2019)

Councillor Dr Harry Cragg Natural Sciences, 1966-1997 (d.2023) 

Professor Maurice Crosland History of Science, 1974-94 (d.2020) 

Professor Peter H Davison English, 1979-82 (d.2020) 

Keith Dimond Electronics (d.2021)

Dr William A Evans Physics (d.2020) 

Professor Robert Freedman Biology, 1971-2002 (d.2017)

John Colin Gerrard (Colin) Library, 1977-2008 (d.2024)

Larry Grant Law, 1974 – 1977 (d.2003) 

David R Heald German (d.2022)

Revd Canon David Hutton UKC Chaplain and Deputy Master of Darwin (d.2002)

Flavia R Jolliffe Statistics (d.2020) 

Professor Dick Jones Chemistry (d.2021) 

Dr Laurence Kay (d.2022) 

Dr Kazimierz Krynicki Physical Sciences, 1965-2006 (d.2019)  

Dr Geoffrey H Macdonald Astronomy (d.2015) 

Professor Steve Neale Film Studies, 1984-96 (d.2021)

Professor Chris Pickvance Urban Studies (d.2021) 

Dr Brian Porter International Relations (d.2015)

Professor Gerald Rickayzen Physics, 1965-97 (d.2023)

Professor Philip Robinson French, 1967-2006 (d.2020) 

Dr Frank Sowrey Physical Sciences and latterly School of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science Administration Manager, 2004-16 (d.2023)

Margaret L Stirling Sociology (d.2021) 

Will Simpson University Librarian, 1977-1994 (d.2021)

James Styles University Photographer, 1966-99 (d.2022) 

Professor Anthony Thirlwall Economics, 1966-2004  (d.2023)

Dr Graham M Thomas Politics & Government, ret.1998 (d.2021) 

Mark Toole Head of Computing Service (d.2021) 

Christine Williams Library Front Desk Supervisor (d.2022)

Dr John D Wright Chemistry, 1967-2005 (d.2021)

Malcolm Fred Whitemore Politics, 1965-2001 (d.2021)    

Honorary Graduates

Dr William J Appleyard (d.2022)

Sir Geoffrey Chipperfield (d.2024)

Anthony G Coe (Tony) (d.2023)

Jonathan P Cooper (d.2021)

Michael Gambon (d.2023)

Dr Robert Neame (d.2019)  

Richard Rogers (d.2021) 

The Very Revd John Simpson (d.2019)

Professor Sir William Taylor (d.2023)    

Sir Crispin C Tickell (d.2022)

Tom Wilkinson (d.2023)