Keynes College

Keynes College LogoKeynes College opened in 1968 as the third of four Colleges. It is named after the leading economist of the early twentieth century, John Maynard Keynes (1883 - 1946). Architecturally Keynes represents a radical departure from the formal cruciform layout of the first two Colleges, with its lighter and more open style. The College boasts the Keynes Pond and ducks, which have become a much-loved and distinctive feature.

Keynes Master

The University, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP, United Kingdom
Telephone: (01227) 827453 Fax: (01227) 823040

Sian StevensonMaster: Sian Stevenson
Room M1.2 Keynes College
Switchboard: (01227) 764000 Ext 7453 





Master’s Assistant (Student Support)
Gemma Harris
Room M1.3 Keynes College
Switchboard: (01227) 764000 Ext 7010
Fax: (01227) 823040