USS pension changes

USS pension changes


The USS consultation closed at 5pm on Friday 25 November 2023 and no further responses will be considered by the USS Trustees.

The USS Trustee Board are undertaking their three-year scheme valuation as at 31 March 2023 and have now published their Technical Provisions consultation for employers.  The consultation responses are collected by Universities UK (UUK) and we have provided our feedback to them.

The data underpinning the assumptions of the consultation show a significantly improved financial outlook, providing an opportunity to improve benefits and potentially reduce contributions.  We also hope that this year’s valuation activity will build more stability into the scheme helping to prevent future reductions in benefits or increases in contributions.  Kent will be participating fully in this ongoing process via UUK.

You can read more on the USS Employers site.

With the potential for improved benefits, a member consultation will commence from Monday 25 September and will run for 60 days until 5pm on 24 November 2023.  A Notice of statutory consultation was sent to all current USS members and employees eligible to join USS on Friday 15th September 2023.

If you wish to respond to the consultation, you are able to do this on the USS Consultation website, to your JSNCC representative or direct to Kent on