Full-Time Undergraduate Students - Credit Framework Conventions by Cohort

Year of Stage 1 Cohort Entry

Year of Cohort Graduation
(3 stage programmes)

Year of Cohort Graduation
(4 stage programmes*)
Applicable Classification Rules (e.g. old or new parameters for preponderance:
see 2 below)

Preponderance Compulsory?

Borderline in use for candidates at classification?
Comparison Stage Weighting Applied?
Viva Voce Exam Allowable for Classification?
2010/11 2012/13 2013/14 Pre-2011/12 No Yes Yes Yes
2011/12 2013/14 2014/15 2011/12 Yes No Yes No
2012/13 2014/15 2015/16 2011/12 Yes No No No
2013/14 2015/16 2016/17 2011/12 Yes No No No

*Including programmes that involve a placement stage, either abroad or in industry (Stages ‘A’ or ‘S’), and so are four years in duration.

Table setting out the application of rules to cohorts of students following the amendments to the credit framework introduced in 2011/12.

1. Cohorts of students graduating with UG Honours degrees in 2013/14 will be subject to different classification rules depending on the year of cohort entry, as set out above.

2. The 2011/12 UG classification conventions include such measures as the introduction of revised parameters for preponderance, the compulsory use of preponderance for all UG degree programmes, the withdrawal of discretionary consideration of borderline candidates and the removal of the viva voce examination for the purposes of determining classification;

3. Although the 2011/12 UG cohort entered the University under the new classification rules, they also receive the benefit of the comparison stage weighting, following a petition by members of that cohort that for reasons of equity this mechanism should be extended to apply to them also.

4. Cohorts of students on four stage UG Honours degree programmes graduating in 2014/15 will receive the benefit of the comparison stage weighting. Cohorts of students on three stage programmes graduating in that year will not.


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