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This code came into effect on 1st September 2005, having been approved by Board for Research and Enterprise on 9th June 2005 and by Senate on 22 June 2005.

There is a systematic process of review of this Code of Practice. This code incorporates all changes made up to November 2018.

Please refer to QA News for details of changes.

Code of Practice for Quality Assurance


ANNEX A: Curriculum Policy

ANNEX B: Approval and Withdrawal of Research Programmes

Webpage | PDF

  • Annex B Appendix A: Guidance on Procedures for Faculty Panels Convened to Consider New Validated Programmes of Study (Research Programmes) webpage Download PDF Version
  • Annex B Appendix B: Guidance on the use of External Advisers for Programme Approval webpage Download PDF Version
  • Annex B Cover Sheet Microsoft Word Document
  • Annex B Research Programme Specification Microsoft Word Document
  • Annex B Professional Doctorate Specification Microsoft Word Document
  • Annex B Regulatory Framework for Professional Doctorates Download PDF Version
  • Proforma for the Use of External Advisers in Programme Approval Microsoft Word Document

ANNEX C: Approval of Research Candidates and Projects

ANNEX D: Information to Students

ANNEX E: Annual Monitoring

Webpage | PDF

  • Faculty Annual Programme Monitoring Report Template Microsoft Word Document
  • School Annual Programme Monitoring Report Template Microsoft Word Document
  • Appendix A PGR Progression Monitoring Statistics Microsoft Word Document

ANNEX F: Periodic Review

Webpage | PDF

  • Template for Reports of Periodic Reviews Microsoft Word Document
  • Form for appointment of Review Panel for PPR Microsoft Word Document
  • Annex F: Quality Assurance Checklist for PPR Microsoft Word Document
  • PPR Deferral Request Form Microsoft Word Document

ANNEX G: Personal Academic Support System

ANNEX H: Supervision

Webpage | PDF

  • Annex H Record of Supervision Template Microsoft Word Document
  • Annex H Appointment of External Supervisor Form Microsoft Word Document

ANNEX I: School Directors of Graduate Studies

ANNEX J: Associate Deans (Graduate Studies)

ANNEX K: Progression and Examination

Webpage | PDF

  • Annex K: Appendix 1 Warning Letters Microsoft Word Document

Note: the progression and supervisory monitoring process is now managed online. Please contact your SAM for further information on the process, if necessary.

ANNEX L: External and Internal Examiners

Webpage | PDF

  • Annex L Appointment Form Microsoft Word Document

ANNEX M: Student Evaluation

ANNEX N: Practice Research

ANNEX O: QA Arrangements for Validated Programmes of Research

ANNEX P: Researcher Development Programme

Webpage | PDF

  • Annex P Appendix: Researcher Development Assessment Download PDF Version

ANNEX Q: Research Student Teachers and Demonstrators

ANNEX R: Student Engagement in Quality Assurance and Enhancement



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